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March 4th
Water Canyon Hike - 10am

March 4th-5th
Elko Sportsman's Expo

March 9th
Winnemucca Tread Lightly! Trainer Course

March 11th-12th
Cabela's Great Spring Outdoor Days

March 17th-19th
Reno Motorsports Expo

March 23rd-24th
Winnemucca Leave No Trace Trainer Course

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Classrooms Unleashed

Nevada Outdoor School offers a variety of field trip programs for first through sixth grade students. In the early years, students will have the opportunity to explore and experience their local communities through field trips close to home. In later years, students will slowly expand their idea of community and the world around them through field trips that increase in duration and distance from home each year. Each field trip is created to provide engaging, authentic and fun educational experience for students.

First Explorers (First Grade): During this two hour outdoor lesson students have the opportunity to act as scientists as they use their five senses to answer the question: what is fall? Plenty of time is given for students to partake in open-exploration and observation of plants and the natural world around them.
Water (Second Grade): Each year 2nd grade students across northern Nevada ask themselves a big question: What is a watershed? Students then explore their watershed through models, use of their senses and even a game show!
Water Canyon Field Trip (Third Grade): Each year 3rd grade students in Humboldt County enjoy a fun-filled interpretive day at Water Canyon to end the school year. Students and teachers participate in hands-on activities that explore riparian ecosystems, wild fire succession and water quality. Participants also hike to a look out point high above Winnemucca while learning about the history and natural significance of Water Canyon.
Lovelock Cave (Fourth Grade): Each year NOS assists the BLM with a Lovelock Cave field trip for the 4th grade students in Humboldt County. The field trip provides students with the opportunity to learn about the importance and significance of this nationally recognized historic monument, explore the Lovelock Cave Back Country Scenic Byway, and learn about the lifestyles of early emigrants by visiting the Marzen House Museum in Lovelock.
Ecology Fair (Fourth Grade): This outdoor field trip focuses on Ecology. Through a guided scavenger hunt, Project Learning Tree activity and educational fair, students will explore ecological concepts including soil, wildlife, invasive species, water quality and fire. The goal is to provide students with an opportunity to investigate, discover, and learn about ecology through hands-on, interactive and self-guided exploration
Lamoille Canyon Lamoille Canyon (Fifth Grade): This day long adventure takes students to the stunningly beautiful and biologically diverse Lamoille Canyon of the Ruby Mountains. Students are able to experience first hand the canyon's impressive signs of glaciation, wildlife and diverse habitats. The day is full of inquiry-based, hands-on experiences for students including: interpretive nature hikes, science experiments about the movement of glaciers, lessons on rocks and minerals, outdoor games about animal adaptations, and site specific lessons on stream ecology.

Click here to view photos of the 2014 camp.

Sierra Summit Camp (Sixth Grade): Through this multiple-day program students in 6th grade are exposed to an incredible array of kinesthetic and hands-on science, outdoor, and leadership activities that reinforce what they've been learning in the classroom. During this field trip, students will be able to experience new activities that cannot be taught inside the classroom—kayaking, wilderness hikes, night hikes, cabin life, campfire skits, as well as gain first hand experience with concepts and ideas that they have already been taught in the classroom—geology, ecosystems, astronomy, ecology, etc. This will be a learning experience that students will always remember.

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Please contact the NOS office at 775.623.5656 or Education@NevadaOutdoorSchool.org

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