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Interpretive Kits

These kits include sections on pre-history, history, native plants and animals, outdoor ethics, visitor information, and lesson plans/activities.  These kits can be used in the classroom for thematic units, or can be checked-out and used on field trips to the NCA. 

Please contact our Education department to checkout the kits. You may download any of the kits below to use in your classroom or on field trips for free. You may also purchase CDs of the kits from NOS.

Emigrant Trails Emigrant Trails
Information contained highlights the history of westward expansion, key players and collectively explores emigrant experience on the historical trails. 
Soldier Meadows
Soldier Meadows
Information highlights the emigrant experience of the Soldier Meadows area.  The kit also contains information regarding threatened species and critical habitat of the area.
Hot Springs
Hot Spring

Information contained highlights the role each of these hot springs played for emigrants crossing the playa.
Lassen - Clapper

Information highlights the investigation of the murder mystery and how modern science worked to identify remains found at the site.
Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace

The following kit can be used for people of all ages who are curious about the Leave No Trace philosophy. The kit contains overviews of each of the seven principles of Leave No Trace.

The Playa

The kit also explores the existence of Ancient Lake Lahontan and scientific discovery that has taught us so much about this great water body that existed during the Pleistocene Epoch.
Water Canyon
Water Canyon

The purpose of this kit is to educate students—young and old—about the importance Water Canyon's ecology, heritage, history and resources.
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

The Pyramid Lake Paiute People have lived on the shores of Pyramid Lake for nine to ten thousand years.  The environment, our “Mother Earth” provided everything necessary to sustain life for the people for centuries.

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