NOS Education Program

Nevada Outdoor School's education program deepens students understanding of and connection to the natural world.
NOS Classroom Lessons and Field Trips provide inquiry-based, hands-on,
standard -aligned supplemental science, environmental and outdoor learning during the school year.
*We are in the process of rebuilding our website and updating all our lessons to meet Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core - some of our lesson plans and field trip curriculum are not currently online. If you would like any of these resources immediately, please contact Winnemucca Director of Programming at: or call the NOS office at (775) 623-5656.  Sorry for any inconvenience*
K - Animal Tracks (Students will learn there are many ways to know of an animal’s presence other than actually seeing the animal. This lesson will introduce students to animal tracking and the concept of using tracks to access an animal’s presence and activities).
1st - Animal Homes (Students will understand that all animals live in a habitat and identify the four basic resources all animals need in their habitat to survive: food, water, shelter, and space).
2nd - Skins and Skulls (By exploring skull characteristics and specific evidence left behind by animals, students will learn animals have specific eating habits being carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores).
3rd - Owl Pellets (Students will discover what owls are and how they live by dissecting owl pellets; they will make the connection that we can learn a lot about animals by making observations of what they ingest, and in this case, regurgitate).
4th -  Beaver Adaptations (Students will discover the impressive physical and behavioral adaptations that help beavers survive in their unique aquatic environment).
NOS Summer Camps provide youth opportunities to grow, explore, learn and play in the outdoors throughout the summer months.  Participants gain new experiences, teambuilding and problem solving skills, make new friends and learn the importance of being outdoor stewards of the land.