What's New at NOS

October 15th
Lazy P Farm Fall Field Trip

During the week of October 7-11, Nevada Outdoor School partnered with the Lazy P Adventure Farm for our annual fall field trip. Local and rural schools from Humboldt and Lander County participated, bringing over 500 students throughout the week. Students learned about different animals you find on a farm, what they are used for, and even got to pet some baby goats. Next, students learned about pumpkins and the different stages they grow, before heading into the patch to pick out a pumpkin of their own. Students then moved onto the next station, where they learned about different types of corn and how it’s included in products we use every day. Finally, students moved on to the last station where they searched for farm-related clues to make their way through a corn maze.

The Lazy P Field Trip is always a great week where students learn about agriculture through fun, interactive stations. We also want to thank the Lazy P Farm and the Petersen family for providing the location for the field trip.

September 30th
Desert Dace Days - National Public Lands Day in the Black Rock Desert

During the week of September 27th-29th, Nevada Outdoor School traveled to Soldier Meadows for the fourth annual Desert Dace Days. Although we didn’t have any youth participants this year, we helped with cleanup at the Soldier Meadows cabin and at the nearby campsite. On Saturday evening, we participated in a Dutch oven cooking competition where we won second place. Despite the cold weather, we still had a good turnout from volunteers and partner groups like the Winnemucca BLM, Friends of Black Rock-High Rock, and Friends of Nevada Wilderness.

September 30th
Elko National Public Lands Day at Wild Horse

On Saturday, September 28th Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Forest Service (FS), and the NE Nevada Stewardship Group for National Public Lands Day.  Elko area BLM and FS offices organized events at Wild Horse Campground and Wild Horse Crossing, about an hour north of Elko.  The volunteer day was in effort to reopen the campgrounds after the 2018 South Sugarloaf Fire.  Volunteers spread native seed, rebuilt shade structures, and disassembled damaged picnic tables.  To support these efforts NOS had a Leave No Trace (LNT) booth where Jackie educated about the LNT principle Minimize Campfire Impacts while making battery powered luminaries for Halloween.  Weather for the day was supposed to be dismal, but the sun peeked through the clouds and everyone had a great day meeting new friends and helping their community.

September 23rd
Winnemucca National Public Lands Day

On Saturday, September 21st, Nevada Outdoor School, Winnemucca BLM, Northern Nevada ATV, and Winnemucca Cycling partnered for National Public Lands Day. This year, the event was split between three locations, which included Bloody Shins, The Sand Dunes, and Sonoma Creek. Outdoor Ethics Program Director, Allana Havernick and Naturalist, Crystal Rodriguez traveled to the Sand Dunes to provide Tread Lightly! outreach and assist with cleanup of the area. Education Director, Brandon Allen went to Sonoma Creek to help with trash cleanup of the canyon and camping area. After the event, we enjoyed a catered lunch that was provided to all volunteers and participants. At least two trailers of trash were collected during the event. We are happy to partner with different groups in the community to provide education and stewardship projects such as National Public Lands Day.