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Nevada Outdoor School's Youth Focused Programs

We provide a wide range of youth focused environmental education programming across rural northern Nevada that foster an understanding of, connection to, and respect for the natural world. During the school year, our AmeriCorps Naturalists provide before/after school nature-based programs and visit more than 50 classrooms each month to deliver standards based, inquiry science lessons. Our exciting, hands-on approach increases student engagement and sparks interest in STEM learning and the outdoors. Students leave our programs knowledgeable about the natural world and empowered to be positive stewards of the environment.   NOS also provides a series of place based field trips for 1st—5th grade students, an outdoor ethics club for middle school/junior high schoolers, overnight outdoor excursions, and summer camps for pre-K—10th graders.

Additionally, you will find NOS educators at all sorts of community events, volunteer conservation projects, agricultural fairs and more.   


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NOS is proud to be a Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
Accredited Youth Program!


The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a national organization that protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Leave No Trace Youth Program Accreditation engages youth-serving programs with the essential standards and assessment resources that enhance the impacts of stewardship education for young people who spend time outdoors. As a fully Accredited Youth Program, Nevada Outdoor School demonstrates the highest commitment to providing rural northern Nevada youth with relevant and accessible Leave No Trace education.  

Leave No Trace Mission Statement:

Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) is the premier provider of outdoor ethics education in rural Nevada.  We work hard every day through all our programs to inspire people to get outside, learn about, and build connections to the natural world in safe and responsible ways. It is important to us that our outdoor spaces stay healthy and preserved so that they can continue to be enjoyed in the future. It is for this reason that Nevada Outdoor School strives to connect our participants to Nature and ultimately instill a responsible outdoor ethic through Leave No Trace. We whole-heartedly promote Leave No Trace principles on all our field trips, summer camps, community hikes, and outreach events.  After attending a NOS program, our goal is for participants to leave with a love of and appreciation for the outdoors and a desire to be active stewards of the land. We want everyone to leave our programs with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to both individually practice responsible recreation and Leave No Trace principles and to share that knowledge with others.  



For more information about our education programs, or to discuss what Nevada Outdoor School's Education Program can do for you, contact Brandon Allen in Winnemucca:

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