Ride Safe, Ride Smart


Ride Safe, Ride Smart

OHVs are a great way to get outside and explore!

Nevada Outdoor School is committed to promoting safe and responisble OHV use here in Nevada and beyond!

Being safe and responsible while riding is everyone's responsibly. It ensures the healh and well being of all and keeps our recreation and riding areas open for everyone to enjoy.

Nevada Outdoor School is here to help!

Thanks to funding from the Nevada Off-Highway Vehicle Commisison and Nevada State Parks, NOS has developed an online OHV Safety Certification PLUS, an in-person youth (16 and under) rider evaluation and training program!


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The ATV RiderCourse is 2 parts: a 2 hour online "e-Course" AND a hands-on, 2-2.5 hour "s-Course" conducted by licensed ATV Safety Institute Instructors.

The "e-Course" develops safety knowledge and awareness through interactive activities and video. The course covers protective gear (like DOT-compliant ATV helmets), environmental concerns, riding strategies, and local laws and is a pre-requisite for the hands-on s-Course.

The "s-Course" offers students an opportunity to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the supervision of a licensed Instructor. Students practice basic safety techniques with hands-on exercises covering starting and stopping, turning (both gradual and quick), negotiating hills, emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles. Particular emphasis is placed on the safety implications relating to each lesson.

Individuals 6 years of age and older may take the class.

Riders younger than 16 are restricted to ATVs of the appropriate size recommended for the rider’s age.

There are special teaching provisions for students under 16 years old, and parents are encouraged to attend as well.

Students younger than 12 participate in separate classes and a parent must be present during the entire course.


*Particpants must provide own properly sized atv in order to participate

*Youth must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of course

*Must provide own safety gear (long pants, long sleeve shirts, gloves, helmet with goggles or face shield)

*Must take online course BEFORE arriving to rider course.

More information can be found here: https://atvsafety.org/

Ride Safe, Ride Smart for Youth (Rider Evaluations and Day Camps)

Did you know that around 112,000 people are injured every year due to OHV accidents?
Over 700 people die each year from accidents and over 1 in10 of them are under the age of 16.

See the Data

Do you want your kid to gain valuable motivation, knowledge and skills to be safe and responsible on their OHV?

We are here to help!

Upcoming Youth Rider Evaluations

Contact NOS to schedule a youth rider evaluation

1) Participant must provide size appropriate OHV.

2) Participant must be wear appropriate safety gear (helmet, gloves, eye protection, long sleeves and pants, and closed toe-over the ankle shoes

3) Online NV OHV Safety Certificate Course should be completed before arriving at rider evaluation, please bring a copy of the online completion certificate

Upcoming Ride Safe, Ride Smart Camps

Off-highway vehicles (OHV) are super fun, but can be dangerous if we don't take safety serious.

Whether you ride a dirt-bike, a 4-wheeler, or a side-by-side, safety is universal and it is not just the drivers responsibility.

We all play a role in OHV safety!

Join us for a day full of fun games and activities that will help you ride safe, and ride smart!

No equipment required.

No actual riding will occur. Ages 7 - 17 welcome!

We reccommend taking the Nevada Online Safety Course for FREE with code NOSRSRS

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