What's New at NOS



April 17th

Ducks Unlimited Banquet Educational Outreach

On April 17th, we attended the annual Ducks Unlimited Banquet with our responsible recreation outreach booth! Kids at the event tested their knowldge on our Wheel of Ethics and colored pictures with information about wildlife, Tread Lightly! and OHV Safety.  We are proud to partner with Ducks Unlimited and look forward to working with them on future events!

April 10th
Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop - Fly Ranch

On April 10th, The Outdoor Ethics Department went out to Fly Geyser Ranch in Gerlach, NV to conduct a Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop for this year’s Friends of Black Rock High Rock’s volunteers! We had 22 participants come out for the morning to learn the 7 principles of Leave No Trace and how to apply them to the Black Rock Desert.





April 3rd and 4th
Winnemucca Sand Dune Public Outreach

April 3rd and 4th, Outdoor Ethics Program Director, Allana, and AmeriCorps Outdoor Ethics Specialist, Michelle, went out to the Winnemucca Sand Dunes to set up an educational outreach booth informing the public on safe and responsible riding practices. While we didn’t speak to many people, we had a great time with our partners, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, BLM- Winnemucca District,  and exploring our local public land!






April 12th and 13th
Winnemucca Watershed Heroes Field Trip

On Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13, Nevada Outdoor School’s Winnemucca location kicked off our annual Watershed Field Trip for Grammar School 2nd grade students and Sonoma Heights 3rd grade students. This year, we are bringing our Watershed Field Trip to the schools and including our 3rd grade students who missed out on field trips last spring.

During this field trip, students travel to four stations where they spend around 20 minutes learning about the Humboldt River Watershed through interactive games and discussions. A few of the topics covered are the water cycle, the effects of pollution in our waterways, how plants and animals use our watershed, and the tributaries that flow into the main river.

Throughout the field trip, students are also learning how to be watershed heroes and learning ways they can keep their local watershed healthy. We’re looking forward to continuing this field trip in May with more of our local schools.


March 2021
Winnemucca Classroom Lessons

Throughout the month of March, Nevada Outdoor School provided classroom programs that focused on the theme of energy. March was also our first month for in-person lessons at our local schools in Winnemucca! One of our most popular lessons was our kindergarten “Sun Rays”. In this lesson, students learn about the sun’s energy, how to protect ourselves from it, and did a cool experiment where they made solar bracelets! Our second grade lesson also remains popular, where students learn about solar energy, cook nachos in a solar oven, and conduct experiments to learn how darker colors absorb heat faster than lighter colors. Students also learned about various types of energy such as water, electricity, and gasoline, and even learned how recycling certain items can help save energy! We are excited to be back in classrooms and are looking forward to traveling to our local schools in April and May for our annual Watershed Field Trip!

March 20th
Signs of Spring Hike - Winnemucca

On March 20th, Nevada Outdoor School hosted a Signs of Spring hike to the Yurt in Water Canyon! We had 9 participants and while Mother Nature didn’t think it was the first day of spring, we were still able to spot some signs of spring while on the trail!

March 12th
Outdoor Survival Skills Workshop

On Friday, March 12th, Winnemucca Education Director, Brandon Allen partnered with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to offer a virtual survival skills workshop. Over 130 participants watched the hour-long seminar to learn basic skills such as what to do when you are lost and have to camp overnight, how to build a basic tarp shelter, how to start a campfire, and how to use a compass. Although the program was done virtually and indoors, we were able to adapt and build a small tarp shelter, as well as show some handy fire starting skills. We were excited about the participation and positive feedback, and are looking forward to providing similar programs in the future.

March 10th
Kindergarten "Soak Up the Sun" Lesson - Elko

During the Soak Up the Sun lesson at a Kindergarten class at Elko Institution for Academic Achievement, students learned that living things need a balance of sunlight; not too much but not too little. During a simulation where they rolled seeds (ball pit balls) under the canopy of giant sequoia (umbrella) they discovered that plants need sunlight in order to grow.




March 6th
Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop - Elko

On March 6th, NOS hosted 2 public Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops at out Elko office where a total of 13 participants were introduced to the Leave No Trace 7 principles through a variety of fun and interactive games and activities!  Bummed you missed this workshop?  Don’t worry, there will be more!  You can always contact us and request a training too!


March 5th
Leave No Trace Staff Training

On March 5th, our NOS team participated in a Leave No Trace awareness workshop to learn more about the mission, history and principles of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.  As a Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Youth Accredited organization, NOS values providing outdoor ethics trainings to both our staff and the public to help spread the message of responsible recreation. 




February 24th
ASI Staff Training

On February 24th, NOS Staff and AmeriCorps members participated and got certified in an ATV Safety Institute (ASI) training course. This course includes an online e-course, as well as a hands-on riding skills course that begins with stops and turns and ends with riding over obstacles and quick turns. 8 employees were able to receive this training!  NOS provides this training for youth and adults.  Are you interested in getting certified and trained in ATV safety? Contact us today!



February 23rd
TREAD Lightly! Staff Trainer Course

On February 23rd, NOS Staff and AmeriCorps members got together to become Tread Lightly! Trainers! The course included learning about Tread Lightly’s history, the 5 principles and how to teach others about Tread Lightly! in formal and informal settings. Watch out for us coming to an event near you and ask us more about Tread Lightly!



February 2021
Winter Survival Lessons - Elko

Winter Survival for Sixth Graders. This two-part lesson included a virtual classroom presentation and a hands-on skill practice time on a Saturday afternoon.   During the virtual lesson, students from Mrs. Cox’s 6th Grade class identified the possible risks they could encounter during a winter outdoor adventure.  They devised solutions to mitigate these risks and selected appropriate gear and tools to put in a winter survival kit in preparation for an outdoor winter adventure. During the hands-on session, at Elko Main City Park, students learned about the “Rule of 3” and the “Sacred Order” for winter survival situations.  They then modeled each step by building shelters, creating fire pits, and treating cold-related injuries.

Pictured: A 6th Grade Student finishes off his shelter with a sleeping bag and you can see some of the material he gathered for his fire pit. 




February 2021
Winnemucca Programs

During the month of February, our lessons at Nevada Outdoor School focused on our popular animal theme. For our K-2nd grade lessons, students observed various animal skulls to learn about their eating habits, discover what they were, and learn the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. They also looked at different animal pelts to learn about adaptations such as camouflage, as well as discover which animals they belong to. Identifying animal tracks and learning about their unique features was also a popular lesson for kindergarten students, while first grade students learned about animal habitats and their basic needs by making their own Play-Doh animals.

3rd-5th grade students learned about the unique adaptations of owls, as well as their eating habits. They received their own owl pellet to dissect, and found lots of bones to discover what owls eat and where they might live.

February has always been a popular month for our animal-themed lessons, which we’ve been able to provide both in-person and virtually.

January 28th
Full Moon Night Hike in Water Canyon - Winnemucca

On January 28th, 10 participants came out to our Full Moon (which ended up being a no moon) Night Hike! We hiked up to the Overlook in Water Canyon to get a glimpse of the city lights before they disappeared due to the incoming snow. Overall, everyone had a great time and ended the hike around the fire with a hot drink in their hand!


January 20th, 25th, 27th
Winnemucca Nature After School

During the month of January, the theme for our Nature After School programs focused on winter weather. For our programs this month, K-2nd grade students learned about snowflakes and their unique features. Creating snowflakes of their own, participants learned how they are symmetrical (the same on both sides), all have six sides, and all have their own unique shape.

3rd-5th grade students participated in two lessons. For the first lesson, they learned about animal behavior in the winter, and how animals will adapt, migrate, or hibernate to make it through the cold winter months. They also learned about the challenges animals face when it comes to finding food, catching prey, and staying warm throughout the winter. For the second lesson, students learned about the uniqueness of the Great Basin Desert and the plants/animals that live there. Studying the various challenges of a desert environment and how animals adapt to overcome them, students created their own unique desert animal.





January 20th and 25th
Fire Ecology and Outdoor Survival Lessons - Winnemucca

On January 20th and 25th, students from Winnemucca participated in a fire ecology and survival skills program. Students learned about the basic needs of fire (heat, oxygen, and fuel), and even got to use twine and a magnesium stick to start their own small fire bundles. They were also able to see how a bow drill works to start a fire, and learned the proper way of putting out campfires.

On the 25th, we learned basic survival skills such as tying knots, where students used a piece of rope to learn useful knot tying skills. They also used a tarp to build their own shelter, using string and tent stakes to tie it between two trees and stay dry and comfortable. We finished the day learning basic compass skills such as finding direction and how to shoot a bearing. Our outdoor skills programs have been a fun, unique way to get youth interested in the outdoors and learn/develop new, useful skills. 





January 16th
Yurt Hike in Water Canyon - Winnemucca

On January 16th we had 15 participants show up for our icy hike to the yurt! It was a beautiful day, with most of the snow melted, however, we encountered some ice on the trails along the way. By going slow, everyone was able to make it to the yurt!



January 15th
Elko Nature After School Field Trip

On January 15th, students came to learn about winter survival and how they could survive tough winter conditions, as well as how animals are able to do the same! Making human burritos to stay warm, learning fire basics and how Leave No Trace can be important even when you are in a survival situation. In an experiment detailing how fat plays a vital role in animal warmth, students put their hand in a bucket of ice water with Crisco on it, and bare, and compared how chilly they got (pictured)!

January 12th
Elko Nature After School

On January 12th, we had friends join us at the Elko office to make crystal snowflakes, learn about symmetry, and sing along to Frozen! Another fun Nature After School lesson celebrating the cold snowy winter in Nevada. 







December 19th
Elko Snowman Shuffle

It was a cold and windy day, so the snowmen loved it, but a few brave humans joined us at our Elko Snowman Shuffle where we learned how to navigate with a compass so we could collect the parts to build a snowman.  Working together we navigated to 8 locations inside Elko City Park.  It was so cold that the participants took their snowman parts home for the build, but the hot chocolate helped warm us all up before departing. 

December 4th
Battle Mountain Rat Dissection

On Friday, December 4th, Winnemucca naturalist, Emilie and Education Director, Brandon traveled to Battle Mountain to help out with a rat dissection. We started out the lesson by dissecting owl pellets, so students had an idea of what dissection means and what to look for. Students found bones such as skulls, pelvic bones, and hair in their owl pellets, which gave them clues as to what the owl ate. Students then dissected a rat, learning about their anatomy and main organs. Students did really well with the dissection, were eager to learn, and gave us the opportunity to participate in a fun, educational activity!

November 26th
Elko Pre-Turkey Waddle

Walkers gathered at the Elko River Trail, bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to burn off a few calories before the family festivities began.  Along the 1.75mile trail, walkers encountered 10 trivia-like questions and answers about hibernation and brumation.  What is brumation?  It is sort-of like hibernation, but is what reptiles do, a lethargic state to conserve energy.  After the educational walk, hot chocolate and tea warmed our hands and bellys.  Our next Community Event is Saturday, December 19th at 2pm at the Elko Main City Park.  We will be practicing compass and map skills to build a snowman!  


November 9th
November 16th
November 21st
Elko November Nature After School Programs

The Elko office ran its Nature After School programs on November 9th and 16th. Participants learned about skins and skulls on the 9th by doing hands-on activities with an elk pelt and additional resources of skulls. Asked what they learned after their first lesson, students said things like, “Carnivores have sharp teeth.” “Elk fur keeps them warm and dry!” The second lesson was on the Native American Myths and Legends of how the seasons change. They read stories, wrote their myths, and learned how the seasons change, studying the Earth’s tilt and how it affects us.

Building on their study of the Native American culture from Nature After School, the students visited the Northeastern Nevada Museum on November 21st. They did a lesson on basket weaving with D’ette, the education coordinator. They then made their baskets by weaving thread after exploring the museum, learning about Silver the Eagle, and seeing the Mastodon bones.

November 2020
Elko Classroom Lessons

Since COVID, we enjoyed our first time back in Elko schools by visiting two third grade classrooms in November and doing the chemical reaction lesson with them in our first in-person classroom lesson. The students especially loved the opportunity to do a hands-on activity because that is limited in classrooms right now. We are excited about this month, because we have had the chance to visit even more schools in person! But of course, BayLee is also loving our virtual lessons, some on snowflakes, animal adaptations, and more!

November 2020
Humboldt County Rural School Lessons

During the month of November, Nevada Outdoor School-Winnemucca traveled to rural schools in Kings River, Imlay, and Paradise Valley. Students participated in plant-themed lessons where they dissected flowers to create their own display of different flower parts such as leaves and petals. Students at Imlay learned about the many uses of plants, where they played a guessing game to discover how items we use every day are made from plant materials. Middle school/Jr High students at Kings River and Paradise Valley learned about chemical reactions found in nature. They traveled to four different stations to conduct experiments to learn about bioluminescence, polymers, and pH.  We are thankful for our rural school teachers for being welcoming and allowing us to provide our classroom programs this school year.




November 17th
November 12th
Winnemuuca Nature After School November Lessons

On November 12, we held our K-2nd grade Nature after School program. Participants started out learning about how pollination affects our everyday lives, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. They received flowers of their own to dissect, learned the different parts, and how new seeds are created by pollinators. We then learned about earthworms, their characteristics, and adaptations. Students observed real earthworms with magnifying glasses, watching them move around and react to water/moisture.

On November 17, we held our Nature after school program for 3rd-5th grade students. We traveled around to different stations, listing different items and whether or not we thought they were made from plants. After writing down our guesses, we learned that many items we use every day come from plants and trees. We also dissected flowers and learned about pollination. Our Nature after School programs offer youth a chance to take a break from online learning and discover/connect with nature.





November 2nd
October 22nd
Rural School Lessons at Mound Valley

We are so grateful that the Elko education team could travel to Mound Valley and deliver our first in-person classroom lessons of the season! Our naturalist, BayLee, did her first lesson with the group on Dinosaurs and fossils and then returned to do another on chemical reactions. We missed working with our local teachers during the shutdown, so we're looking forward to starting in-person lessons in more schools this month and opening to all schools in December! 

Thank you to Mrs. Zumwalt, Mound Valley's lead teacher, for being so welcoming and for her kind words, "Thank you for doing the engaging lessons that you do. I really liked how you did the centers and rotated so that everyone had a chance to be hands-on with the experiments. I really don't have anything to say to improve, because you did a great job with teaching the different grades in one setting." 


October 31st
Winnemucca Business Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! On October 31, Nevada Outdoor School participated in the Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce’s annual business trick or treat event. We collaborated with The Front Porch to set up our outreach booth (and some candy of course) for all the little and big ones to stop by! We have 377 participants of all ages come stop by our booth throughout the event, with even more participating during the day!






October 30th
Elko Halloween Event

How is Halloween already over? We had a great time meeting families and making spooky spiders this past weekend at Elko's NOS office. Thank you to the over 180 people who stopped in to say hi, and to our naturalist, BayLee, who planned and ran such a successful event. Stay tuned to our social media and website to learn about our Turkey Waddle that we will be hosting the morning of Thanksgiving so you can get a little fresh air before starting your festivities. See you then!




October 1st-31st
Winnemucca Education Programs in October

During the month of October, Nevada Outdoor School provided several education programs to rural school, homeschool, and distance learning students. Students at Kings River, Paradise Valley, and Imlay learned about the California Trail, Native American Myths, the changing seasons, and dinosaurs. Middle school students shared their favorite outdoor activities and how being responsible outdoors (Leave No Trace) applies to them.

On October 9th, we led a hike with our homeschool students to the overlook in Water Canyon, with nearly 50 students/parents participating. We also held our first Nature After School lesson, where students learned about the California Trail. On October 23rd, we held our first Field Trip Friday at the Humboldt County Shooting Park, where participants learned basic archery skills and safety, as well as learning how to shoot a longbow. On October 29th, we had several students travel to Water Canyon, where they learned about stream ecology and found lots of macroinvertebrates.

We also held our first virtual lesson with Battle Mountain first grade students on October 19th and 20th. Students learned about dinosaurs and fossils, and created their own dinosaur pictures with unique adaptations. Although we aren’t able to provide traditional, in-school lessons like we’ve done in the past, we are excited to see parents and students interested in alternative programming, which we will continue to provide throughout the fall and winter.




October 30th
Winnemucca Jack O' Lantern Jamboree and Food Truck Friday Outdoor Ethics Outreach

On October 30th, Nevada Outdoor School hosted their first Jack O’ Lantern Jamboree Halloween Costume Contest! Over 30 participants came out for the event at a chance to win a prize in the categories of Best Nature, Best Group, or Most Original. During the event, Lowry High Leadership Club also helped in the festivities by having pumpkin coloring pages available for those to decorate. Overall, it was a great turnout with the winners being a triceratops, the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, and a homemade robot costume!

Also on October 30th, we were once again selling sodas and waters at the once a month Friday Food Truck event held in Winnemucca. This month we had 47 brave souls come out in the cold to spin our Wheel of Ethics game and talk with us!

October 24th
Field Trip to Northeastern Nevada Museum (Elko Nature After School)

On October 24th, Elko's Nature After School program took a field trip to the Northeastern Nevada Museum to learn about the Mastodon fossils that were found in Spring Creek. Students learned about how they were found, how fossils tell us about the animals that lived long ago, and then made their own fossils! All before taking a museum tour to see the Mastodon fossils for ourselves. Because we had so much fun we are excited to return on November 20th to learn about basket weaving using natural materials! A big thank you to D’ette Mawson, the education coordinator at the museum!


October 13th

Elko Nature After School

As the school districts adapted to online learning to keep students safe this fall, we adapted as well and decided to offer a brand new NOS program! The Elko office ran its first Nature After School program on October 13th. Participants learned about dinosaurs and made their own fossils in preparation for the field trip to the Northeastern Nevada Museum in Elko on October 24th where they will be learning about the Mastodon. We are excited to continue offering these programs through the end of November as an opportunity for youth to get outside and refuel after their time online. Spots are still open in both Elko and Winnemucca so register today!





September 26th
Black Rock National Public Lands Day

On Saturday, September 26th, Nevada Outdoor School traveled to the Black Rock Desert for National Public Lands Day. Partner organizations that included Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Friends of Black Rock High Rock, the BLM, and volunteers conducted several stewardship projects in the Black Rock Desert, while NOS provided a kid’s camp to youth participants.

Although we only had one youth participant at kid’s camp, we had a great time playing different games and activities, as well as exploring the surrounding area. Some of the skills we learned were shelter building, how to start a fire with a magnesium stick, and what to bring on a hike/camping trip. We also learned about the Leave No Trace principles by making Bigfoot hang tags, and played fun games like park ranger and capture the Bigfoot. We had a fun time camping on the playa and making new friends!



September 25th
Food Truck Friday Outdoor Ethics Outreach in Winnemucca

On September 25th, Nevada Outdoor School participated in the Monthly Food Truck Friday social event, hosted by local food truck vendors. Nevada Outdoor School took their Wheel of Ethics game to test the general public’s Outdoor Ethics knowledge! We had 71 people come out to speak to us and learn who we are as a local non-profit!


August 15th
Water Canyon Yurt Hike

On August 15th, Nevada Outdoor School hosted a hike to the Yurt in Water Canyon. Although it was hot, getting outside and exploring in the mountains was a lot of fun.  Our small group made socially distancing possible while on the trail.  Getting outside (even when it’s hot) is a great way to relieve some stress, connect with nature and appreciate all the beauty and wonder of our natural world. 


August 10th
National 'Smores Day!

On August 10th, Nevada Outdoor School hosted a fun and delicious event in honor of National S’mores Day! We had 30 people who showed up and participated in this social-distance and fun event. People had a variety of s’more options ranging from the original s’more of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker, to some fancy s’mores including a cookies and cream s’more with cookies and cream chocolate, nutty buddy with a peanut butter cup chocolate, and even a cinnamon crunch s’more with cinnamon marshmallow, cinnamon graham cracker, and a milk chocolate bar. All families seemed to really enjoy the event and being able to get out and see new people (respectively). We hope to have more events like this in the future!




August 3rd-6th
July 20th-23rd
Winnemucca Wilderness Survival Camp

During the weeks of July 20-23 and August 3-6, Nevada Outdoor School’s Winnemucca location held our Survival Day Camp for students entering 6th-8th grades. On the first day of camp, campers played team-building games, got to know each other, and made arrowhead necklaces. On the second day, campers learned survival skills such as shelter building, how to use a compass, and made their own solar ovens from pizza boxes. On Wednesday, we traveled to Water Canyon for a hike. Campers learned how to tie knots, build and start fires without matches or lighters, and made their own para cord bracelets. On Thursday, campers traveled to the shooting range to learn archery skills and how to shoot a long bow. We also made our own terrariums and learned how to create a water filter with a bottle, sand, gravel, and a bandana.

Besides survival skills, campers learned the Leave No Trace principles and how to apply them to their favorite outdoor activities and camp. Overall, it was a fun week despite the hot weather, where campers learned helpful survival skills that they can practice themselves and teach others.

August 3rd-6th
July 20th-24th
July 13th-16th
Elko Adventure Camp

Three Elko Adventure Camps were held July 13th- July 16th, July 20th - July 24th, and August 3rd- 6th at the Elko Main City Park and around Elko County. From water fun, relay races, and playing games at the Main City Park, to hiking and playing in the lakes in the Ruby Mountains. Campers learned how to be members of a team and make new friends.  Campers also had fun learning about bugs and making tye-dye t-shirts. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Campers also learned about the great outdoors and what it holds. While they were having such a great time, they were also learning the 7 principals of Leave No Trace and how to apply them in their lives. While on their adventures they saw many waterfalls, different lakes, and hiked to new areas, all the while learning and practicing trail etiquette Campers also pan-mined in Lamoille Creek for garnets and saw what Nevada had to offer. To finish up a great camp they swam and played games at South Fork Reservoir.   Campers made new friends and took home great memories that they can hold on to forever. 


July 27th-30th
Winnemucca Junior Naturalist Camp

From July 27th – July 30th Nevada Outdoor School did its first Junior Naturalist camp for older kids from 8th to 10th grade. We had a great turn out for being a new camp. We focused more in depth on Leave No Trace and next level survival skills. One of the days was a hike day to Falls Canyon in Orovada, NV. The kids really enjoyed it even though it was hot but it was worth it when we got to the falls. None of the kids has been up Falls Canyon so it was all new to them. Besides the kids liking the hike, they also enjoyed many of the water games that we played every day. There were also crafts they enjoyed like making solar oven and survival paracord bracelets. This camp ended up being a success and they all had fun and a learned many new and useful technics that they can use on their next outdoor adventure!

July 27th-30th
Elko First Explorers Camp

July 27th-30th we had the pleasure of having First Explorer campers, grades Pre-k to 2nd grade, at the Elko Main City Park. We made tree cookie name tags and learned how we can use Leave No Trace everywhere in our lives! We were able to do some great crafts and experience obstacle courses.   Our campers were highly receptive to learning while being COVID responsible and remaining socially distant and safe, all while having fun!

July 23rd-25th
Reno ATV Rider Camp

From July 23rd – July 25th Nevada Outdoor School held an ATV safety camp in Reno. We focused on teaching the campers how to ride safe, ride smart, Tread Lightly Principles and a hands-on rider course. The kids really enjoyed all the games and activities. They also enjoyed being able to get on an ATV and ride around with their new friends. The kids were really learning a lot during the course especially when we would challenge them with quick turns, obstacles, and quick stop. This camp ended up being a success they all had fun and learned new things while social distancing.

July 6th-9th
Winnemucca Adventure Camp

The Adventure Camp Day Camp held July 6th-9th was a total success during this pandemic. We had an awesome group of campers that loved the crafts and activities. There were different themes for every day such as Park Ranger Monday with animal themed crafts and activities, Spy Tuesday with activities that required strategy skills, Survivalist Wednesday which included making a sundial and learning how to use a compass, and Archeologist Friday where we had the campers excavate seashells from a prepared “dig site” made in a Tupperware container with sand and plaster. The campers picked out some fun camp names which made it that much easier to make new friends. We also had fun experimenting with new games that were social distant friendly and seeing which games we enjoyed the most. The kids played water games on the last day, all while being safe. The best part about this camp was that even though we are in tough times, the kids were able to forget about it and have a blast.

July 6th-9th
June 29th-July 2nd
Elko Natural Pursuit Camp

Two Natural Pursuit camps were held June 29th to July 2nd and July 6th-9th serving our local 6th-8th grade campers at Elko Main City Park. We had a great time playing water games and doing crafts. We learned Morse Code and ran through obstacle courses. Campers learned personal independence and how to work in and bond with a group.  Our camp concluded with a fun outing g to South Fork Reservoir for swimming and water games. Each day, campers learned about the seven Leave No Trace principles and how to apply them their outdoor behaviors and stewardship into their future.




June 29th-July 2nd
Winnemucca First Explorer's Camp

From June 29th – July 2nd Nevada Outdoor School-Winnemucca kicked off its first camp of the summer with our First Explorers Day Camp for kids entering K-2nd grade. They learned the Leave No Trace Principles and how to follow them, played fun games, and participated in water games and activities. We also had several fun crafts, such as campers making binoculars and creating their own chalk circles with their camp names and special designs. All of the campers were great learning how to play socially distant games. This camp was very successful with the few campers that we had, as well as it being our first camp with a younger age group.



June 29th - July 1st
Elko ATV Rider Camp

June 29th-July 1st, NOS held their first ATV Safety Camp of the summer! This camp was in Elko and was a full camp! This three-day camp includes learning how to ride safe, ride smart, Tread Lightly! Principles, and an optional hands-on rider course. The kids’ favorite game was a fashion relay race, where they must race and get the correct safety gear before the other teams do and try to be the first back in all the correct gear! The kids really enjoyed being able to ride on an ATV with their new friends and had a great time. They really got into riding when the course began challenging them with quick turns, obstacles, and quick stops.



March 8th
Elko Sportsman's Expo

On March 7th and 8th, Nevada Outdoor School attended the 2020 Elko Sportsman’s Expo held at the Elko Convention Center. We had two busy days speaking to 579 participants who came out to this free event put on by NDOW. NOS brought our typical roadshow gear including our Wheel of Ethics, recreational hangtags, brochures, and our newest addition, ATV Safe Catherine! Be sure to be on the lookout for our booth coming to an event near you!


February 15th
Romantic Night Hike

On February 15th, Nevada Outdoor School held its first Romantic Night Hike event. Families and couples came out to a lantern-lit trail that took them on a short hike to view Water Canyon at night.  There was a table of sweet treats and hot drinks available to those who came out as well as a campfire to warm up with. We had 18 participants come and enjoy this romantic event!



February 8th
Ducks Unlimited Banquet

On February 8th, Nevada Outdoor School attended the Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Winnemucca. We had out Wheel of Ethics game for kids to test their knowledge of outdoor ethics as well as decorating hangtags and coloring pages. We saw over 30 kids that night!

January 27th
Tread Lightly! Trainer Course

On January 27th, Nevada Outdoor School’s Outdoor Ethics Program Director, Allana, held her first Tread Lightly! Trainer Course! Three participants became Tread Trainers for field interactions with the public. Tread Trainers are able to help spread Tread Lightly!’s mission of responsible recreation. Great job everyone! If you are interested in becoming a Tread Trainer, email us at Allana.havernick@nevadaoutdoorschool.org

January 16
Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience

From January 16-18th, Nevada Outdoor School attended the Youth Wildlife Conservation Experience (YWCE). Thursday and Friday were local school districts coming in to learn about careers in wildlife management, exploring natural resources, and spinning our Wheel of Ethics to answer a Leave No Trace trivia question (which of course led to a prize)! We saw over 600 people in just three short days!

January 10th
Full Moon Hike

On January 10th, Nevada Outdoor School held a Full Moon Night Hike to the Overlook up in Water Canyon. We had 21 participants join us on this partly cloudy and windy night while still having good views of the full moon. We ended the night with a toasty campfire, hot cocoa, and s’ mores.


December 14th
Winnemucca Yurt Hike in Water Canyon

On December 14th, Outdoor Ethics Program Director, Allana led a community hike to the Yurt up in Water Canyon. It was very icy while on the trail but all 7 participants made it to the top! Community hikes are a great way to encourage members of our community to get outside and enjoy our public lands, while also introducing them to some of the negative impacts happening on our local recreation areas.

November 16th
Lovelock Cave Hike

On Saturday, November 16th, Allana and Crystal ran a new community hike to Lovelock Cave! There were 50 people who came out to this brand new hike and overall enjoyed it. There was positive feedback from all participants and inquires about when the next hike will be out at the caves. Participants were very understanding of the larger group size but heard no formal complaints about the size and enjoyed the fun, educational facts about our local past. The BLM was also very impressed with the turnout of this event and was thrilled it was a success for us.

November 6th-7th
NOS Leave No Trace Trainer Course

November 6-7th, Jackie and Allana co-taught NOS’s new AmeriCorps members Leave No Trace training. This was a 2-day, 16 hour course where members had to present a description and activity associated with a pre-given principle, two hikes, and a powerpoint presentation of Leave No Trace. This training allows members to know give awareness workshops to the public, teach youth about Leave No Trace, and overall further knowledge of Leave No Trace.

October 31st - November 2nd
2nd Annual OHV Summit

From October 31st- November 2nd, Melanie and Allana traveled down to Caliente, NV to participant in the 2nd Annual OHV Summit. While there they watched presentations on other organizations and agencies speak on how they are impacted by OHV usage, regulations, funding, and upcoming projects. We also had time to present Nevada Outdoor School’s programs and what we have achieved thus far in the OHV world.

October 16th-20th
NOHVCC Conference

From October 16-20th, Melanie and Allana went to the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno to attend the annual NOHVCC Conference. This was the first time either had participated in the conference but both enjoyed it and learned vast information about outdoor recreation and issues around the country. Melanie gave a presentation about Nevada Outdoor School’s Outdoor Ethics Program, how others can start a program similar to ours, and even had members in the audience participate in an educational game.

October 15th
Lazy P Farm Fall Field Trip

During the week of October 7-11, Nevada Outdoor School partnered with the Lazy P Adventure Farm for our annual fall field trip. Local and rural schools from Humboldt and Lander County participated, bringing over 500 students throughout the week. Students learned about different animals you find on a farm, what they are used for, and even got to pet some baby goats. Next, students learned about pumpkins and the different stages they grow, before heading into the patch to pick out a pumpkin of their own. Students then moved onto the next station, where they learned about different types of corn and how it’s included in products we use every day. Finally, students moved on to the last station where they searched for farm-related clues to make their way through a corn maze.

The Lazy P Field Trip is always a great week where students learn about agriculture through fun, interactive stations. We also want to thank the Lazy P Farm and the Petersen family for providing the location for the field trip.

October 5th
Leave No Trace Awareness Day

On October 5th, Outdoor Ethics Program Director Allana Havernick and Naturalist Crystal Rodriguez went to Reno to participant in the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada Leave No Trace Awareness Day. Local girl scouts came to the Oxbow Nature Center to tour the facilities as well as stop by different booths to learn about that organization and Leave No Trace. Our roadshow booth included our spin to win, decorating hangtags, and Leave No Trace stickers. We had over 90 girls come by our booth to learn about Leave No Trace.

September 30th
Desert Dace Days - National Public Lands Day in the Black Rock Desert

During the week of September 27th-29th, Nevada Outdoor School traveled to Soldier Meadows for the fourth annual Desert Dace Days. Although we didn’t have any youth participants this year, we helped with cleanup at the Soldier Meadows cabin and at the nearby campsite. On Saturday evening, we participated in a Dutch oven cooking competition where we won second place. Despite the cold weather, we still had a good turnout from volunteers and partner groups like the Winnemucca BLM, Friends of Black Rock-High Rock, and Friends of Nevada Wilderness.

September 30th
Elko National Public Lands Day at Wild Horse

On Saturday, September 28th Nevada Outdoor School (NOS) partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Forest Service (FS), and the NE Nevada Stewardship Group for National Public Lands Day.  Elko area BLM and FS offices organized events at Wild Horse Campground and Wild Horse Crossing, about an hour north of Elko.  The volunteer day was in effort to reopen the campgrounds after the 2018 South Sugarloaf Fire.  Volunteers spread native seed, rebuilt shade structures, and disassembled damaged picnic tables.  To support these efforts NOS had a Leave No Trace (LNT) booth where Jackie educated about the LNT principle Minimize Campfire Impacts while making battery powered luminaries for Halloween.  Weather for the day was supposed to be dismal, but the sun peeked through the clouds and everyone had a great day meeting new friends and helping their community.

September 23rd
Winnemucca National Public Lands Day

On Saturday, September 21st, Nevada Outdoor School, Winnemucca BLM, Northern Nevada ATV, and Winnemucca Cycling partnered for National Public Lands Day. This year, the event was split between three locations, which included Bloody Shins, The Sand Dunes, and Sonoma Creek. Outdoor Ethics Program Director, Allana Havernick and Naturalist, Crystal Rodriguez traveled to the Sand Dunes to provide Tread Lightly! outreach and assist with cleanup of the area. Education Director, Brandon Allen went to Sonoma Creek to help with trash cleanup of the canyon and camping area. After the event, we enjoyed a catered lunch that was provided to all volunteers and participants. At least two trailers of trash were collected during the event. We are happy to partner with different groups in the community to provide education and stewardship projects such as National Public Lands Day.