April 27
Nevada Muleys Banquet and Fundraiser
May 14-16
Lovelock Cave Field Trips
May 18
Kids to Parks Day
May 25-27
Black Rock Rendezvous
April 27
Yurt Hike
April 27-28
May 1
Overlook Hike
May 7,8,10
Water Canyon Field Trips
May 12
"W" Hike
April 25
GBC Career Fair
May 15
BLM Take Your Child to Work Day
May 16
Mill Creek EE Day
May 18-19
California Trails Day
May 20, 21, 23, 24
Lamoille EE Days


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The Nevada Outdoor School AmeriCorps Program is a community development program that provides human resources to worthy non-profits, professional and life-skills training for community members, and collaborations for best practices which in turn increases the overall outreach of the non-profits and enables citizens to live more meaningful and independent lives.